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Eyelashes, Rainbow

€6.95 incl tax

6 Split Cakes Metal Palette

6 Split Cakes Metal Palette with 12 colors in total contains also one professional Brush.

€19.94 incl tax

Hello Princess Masks Palette

Hello Princess Masks Palette

€32.95 incl tax

Starters Kit

  • Professional Make-up Case (plastic/standard)
    • 24 Colors MetalPalette
    • RainbowMagic
    • Glitter 3x6g:SilverJewel (medium), Pearl (iridescent), Gold Jewel (medium)
    • Fine Pored Sponges 10 pieces
    • Beard Stubble Sponge
    • Round Brush Size 3, Size 6
    • Oval Brush Size 8
€84.95 incl tax

Fun-Stick Italy

The Fun-Stick "Italy" is colored in: red, white, green

€1.95 incl tax

UV Hair Spray

Hair Spray UV "Black Light" - 125 ml

€7.95 incl tax

Professional Sponge Set

Professional Sponge Set

€2.95 incl tax

Round Brush Size 5

Brush synthetic Celebrration Edition, round size 5

€4.95 incl tax